Tekken 7 Rank explained

Like any other game, it’s no fun if you can’t see how much progress you’re making. Everyone enjoys that rush of dopamine when we succeed at something in our gaming sessions, and in Tekken 7, that means beating your opponents and ranking up.

Granted, pulling off tricky combos for the first time and landing Oki’s are just as exhilarating. Still, ranks are a consistent reminder of where you stand in comparison to other players. The confidence that comes with a rank up could be just what you need to stick with a game you came very close to giving up on. Or the sign that you’re ready to leave your couch and head to your first LAN event. 

How Tekken 7 Rank works 

In Tekken 7, the ranking system requires players to win a certain number of matches before unlocking a promotion match. As the name suggests, a win here will send you into the next rank where you will encounter players that are stronger than the ones you met in your previous rank. You’ll know you’ve found your home when you begin to lose as many matches as you win within a rank.  

Occasionally, the stars could align, and you find yourself in a rank that’s above your skill level, but this isn’t an issue. Once you’ve become the rank’s doormat, you’ll eventually get demoted to the previous one, which will likely be your home until you improve your skills. Players can earn ranks both online and offline, but the real test of your ability is how well you adapt to the myriad of playstyles and strategies that other living breathing players will come up with. That is of course if you’ve got good internet and low ping. 

Another exciting thing about ranks in Tekken 7 is the fact that each character maintains their own rank, meaning you will have to rank up with each character individually. Let’s say you’re a Julia main and then take a liking to Bob or Nina, switching to any of these characters in Ranked will mean you start from the beginner tier with them. However, if you choose to return to Julia, your rank with her will still be intact.  

Point System

The Ranked mode in Tekken 7 uses a point-based system that allows you to earn and lose points according to wins and losses. Losing to a stronger player gives you a lot more points while losing to a weaker player will lose you a lot. Winning against a player of similar skill level will provide you with a reasonable amount of points, but winning against weaker enemies won’t add much. The higher you rise, the more points required to rank up to the next level. 

Promotion or demotion

In Tekken 7, there exists a Rank Bar, which is a visual indicator that tracks a player’s progress as they win and lose ranked matches. It helps to see how far or close you are to your next promotion match, and if you’re afraid of ranking up, you know just when to lose to ensure you don’t rise into the lion’s den. Intentionally losing doesn’t sound like fun, but it could be a strategic way to keep things entertaining for yourself. 

Tekken 7 Rank Galore

Tekken has several ranks for players to ascend, with the general structure not changing much between games. Bandai Namco’s fighter has one of the highest number of ranks to reach the game’s top percentile and seeing the full list can be daunting for a beginner. However, each journey starts with a step, and the more ranks you get to, the clearer your actual skill level becomes. Embrace your inner martial artist and walk your path to the King of Iron Fist tournament. Tekken 7 Rank

Here are the current attainable ranks in Tekken 7, grouped into tiers:

  • Beginner
  • Silver tier
  • Light blue tier
  • Green tier
  • Yellow tier
  • Orange tier
  • Red tier
  • Ruler tier
  • Blue tier
  • Purple tier
  • Gold tier
  • Tekken God Prime 
Tekken 7 ranks


This rank is where you embark on your competitive journey to greatness with your chosen character. Beginners progress from the 9th kyu to 1st kyu, and your opponents will mostly consist of button mashers in Tekken 7 Rank. 

Silver tier

These ranks run from 1st to 3rd dan with just slightly better players than Beginner. Your opponents have only used their characters in Ranked for a small amount of time, so unless you come across an outstanding player new to the mode or a pro trying out a new character, you should be fine. 

Light blue tier Tekken 7 Rank

This tier consists of four ranks, Initiate, Mentor, Expert, and Grand Master. They’re also known as dans 4 through 7. Expert is a more decent rank for beginners, and Grand Master means you’ve defeated several other decent players in your skill level and should be looking at ranking up.

Green tier – 13,000 pts

This tier brings us to the ranks with more fanciful designs. The visual look makes it clear that things are just getting started. Just like the Light blue tier, Green tier consists of four ranks, and the next couple of tiers above this have the same. They are Brawler, then Marauder, which is achieved after 50 wins, Fighter and last but not least, Vanguard. The latter is achieved after securing 70 wins. 

Yellow tier – 17,000 pts

The next four ranks are Warrior, Vindicator, Juggernaut, and Usurper, which prove that you’re well on your way to mastering your character of choice. Congratulations, you’re successfully among the top 50% of players in Tekken 7

Orange tier – 21,000 pts

Dan 16 to 20 takes on the color orange and begins with the Vanquisher rank, followed by Destroyer for winning over 150 games. Savior takes you further through the tier while Overlord makes the statement, “over 200 wins.” 

Red tier – 25,000 pts

In the Red tier, we are met with Genbu, proving that this character is your main. Byakko, Seiryu, and Sukazu further emphasize that you’ve got no issue with mixing and matching moves to create setups of your own. 

Violet tier – 29,000 pts

The Violet tier is the land of Rulers and means that you’re in the top 10 percentile of the game. It makes sense since, at this level, you probably rule at most events. The tier consists of Mighty Ruler, Revered Ruler, Divine Ruler, and Eternal Ruler.  

Blue tier – 33,000 pts

In the blues, we enter the realm of gods and spirits. This rank is where your skill begins to surpass even the elite. Blue tier begins with Fujin, then Raijin, followed by Yaksa and ending with Majin. Players here leave their lower-ranked opponents bedazzled. 

Purple tier – 18,000 pts

Emperor and Tekken King take up residency in the purple tier. Take your rightful place as Tekken 7 royalty or reach for the heavens. Whichever you choose, you’re almost untouchable. 

Gold tier – 19,500 pts

Just like purple, gold tier has only two ranks. Tekken Emperor and Tekken God will put fear in the eyes of your opponents. You’re almost at the top, and the view looks breathtaking. 

Tekken God Prime – 18,000 pts

You made it to the 100th dan, the greatest of fighters that ever lived. The Iron Fist is yours, and you are legend. 

Here’s a great visual guide from Tekken Series” href=”https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/767226571489613957/E753CF9BCE1E30B39F4BD7FE149EECF9154A5253/”>Tekken Series to help you figure out exactly how many points you gain, lose, and require as you rank up and down the ladder. 

So that’s it, all Tekken 7 rank arranged in ascending order.  

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