Akuma’s Garuda costume! You can now snag colors 9 and 10 for the costume in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition by completing these missions

Last week, Capcom released the latest crossover costume in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition’s Extra Battle mode. The demonic Shoto, Akuma, transforms into Fighting EX Layer’s Garuda with the special outfit. We love Akuma’s Garuda costume.

Like any added costume in Street Fighter 5, the Garuda digs come with 10 colors to choose from — and we took a look at all 10 plus the Easter egg variation here. Now, players are able to jump into the game and unlock colors 9 and 10 for themselves by completing a couple of key missions.

“Colors 9 & 10 for the FIGHTING EX LAYER Garuda crossover costume for Akuma are unlockable NOW through Mission Mode in #SFV!” the official Street Fighter Twitter account writes. The tweet comes accompanied by two new screenshots of the outfit.

Akuma's Garuda costume

Completing the initial Extra Battle mission grants you access to colors 1 through 8 for the Garuda costume. Much like we’ve seen previously, two follow-up missions have been released the following week that allow you to unlock the final two palettes.

In order to snatch up colors 9 and 10 here, you’ll have to hop out of Extra Battle mode and jump into both Ranked and Casual matches. Color 9 can be secured by winning five Ranked matches as Akuma, while the final color comes from winning five Casual matches and you will get all colors for Akuma’s Garuda costume.

If you’re looking to pick up the final two colors for this special crossover costume, make sure you aren’t waiting too long to do so. Both missions will only be live until February 4, 2021, so make sure you’re getting on the grind right away.

Akuma Garuda costume

Source: Eventhubs.com
Written by: Steven ‘Dreamking23’ Chavez

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