Is Leroy still overpowered after Tekken 7 Season 4 patch?

Professional competitor Dante weighs in and discusses Leroy from Tekken 7!

The first version of Leroy Smith was a cause for great concern for the competitive Tekken 7 community as the character was considerably overpowered upon release as a DLC character in Season 3. This has caused Leroy to receive nerfs throughout numerous updates, including the most recent Season 4 patch.

Is Leroy finally properly balanced in Tekken 7? RIZE|Dante recently made an appearance on King Jae‘s “Teach Me Tekken 7” series to discuss what was changed with Leroy going into Season 4.

As expected, Leroy did receive some notable nerfs to some of his key moves. For example, his down and 2 command has lost four points of damage, causing it to deal 11 damage instead of 15. This becomes especially bad because of Season 4’s universal health buffs.

Dante now believes that you might be better off just using another a low attack that carries less risk going forward. Unfortunately, Leroy’s down and 2 command is easy to punish.

Leroy from Tekken 7

This means that the risk vs. reward factor of this attack isn’t particularly good. It’s even -4 on hit so Leroy is unable to continue to pressure after hitting with this attack.

However, Leroy did receive a few buffs to some of his moves. One of Leroy’s new moves gives him a safe launcher. According to Dante, the addition of this new move might be one of the best buffs for Leroy.

Dante hypothesizes that the Tekken 7 balance team is attempting to make Leroy from Tekken 7more of a close combat character. Based on how some of his moves have less range, this does appear to be the case.

It’s noted in the video that players should have an easier time with Leroy going forward unless the Leroy player is really playing on point. Dante asserts that Leroy needs to outplay opponents to win going forward.

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Written by: Justin ‘AdaptiveTrigger’ Gordon

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