Looks like there’s probably a new costume announcement coming to Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition next week

Capcom started a new approach with how they’re adding costumes to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition late last year, and it appears that movement will be continuing into 2021 as well.

The official Street Fighter server account recently revealed the game will be going offline for maintenance early next week, which means that a new costume announcement is likely on the way in the coming days.

This is based on the pattern built up over the previous four months wherein four Fighting EX Layer outfits were added to SF5 in nearly identical release timelines.

While there certainly is no guarantee that more FEXL representation is on the way, there are still certainly some strong choices to choose from on the roster.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

Maybe something like Garuda Akuma, Doctrine Dark Nash, Darun Mister Zangief or Pullum Purna Menat is in the works though we should find out who’s the lucky contestant in just a few days.

Street Fighter V Champion Edition Maintance tweet

With the previous release schedules, these new sets of costumes have been revealed on Mondays with their update dropping just a few days later.
In this case, it means that the new content should be available once maintenance ends late Tuesday night.
Capcom has previously partnered back up with Arika to put out Kairi Ryu, Hokuto Karin, Blair Dame Cammy and most recently Skullomania G.
Whatever the new costume is will probably follow the same unlock process as well which is just to complete a single Extra Battle mission.

If there ends up being no February costume in the same situation, this next reveal likely marks the final update Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition will see until Dan’s release with Season 5 following Capcom Cup.

Source: Eventhubs
Written by: Dakota ‘DarkHorse’ Hills

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