Majin Buu player makes the biggest callout against Jiren’s counter that we’ve ever seen in Dragon Ball Fighter

Majin Buu is often regarded as one of the most slept on characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ Callout this season with his mixup and lockdown abilities, but this play right here seems to be all on the player.

French competitor Chomp recently took on Italy’s Abomition in the latest episode of the Wanted series which led to one of the best callouts the game has possibly ever seen.

In game six of their first to five set, Chomp was able to successfully block all of Abomition’s mixup attempts to get back to neutral and set up one of the first hype plays of the year.

He goes for Buu’s fat toss from full screen which gives Abomition more than enough time to pull out Jiren’s counter special, but that’s exactly what Chomp seemed to have wanted all along.

As Jiren teleports over to try and make his punish, Buu is already waiting there with a Dragon Rush that beat the counter attack and sent the gray alien out of the match.

The full set between Chomp and Abomition can be found on Damascus’ Twitch archive along with the rest of this week’s Wanted matches.
Damascus is hosting The Wanted Series. Where competitive players take each other on in

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