MK11 Ultimate: Understanding Mortal Kombat League



Ready to test your might? Kombat League is a seasonal ranked mode where players compete against each other over the course of several weeks to earn exclusive in-game rewards. Kombatants are matched up against similarly skilled opponents in best 2 out of 3 sets while progressing through nine ranked tiers that begin with Apprentice and end with Elder God. Each win will get you one step closer to the next rank, but you will need to remain vigilant as Kombat Points start to decay after 72 hours of inactivity. 


Regardless of your rank, Daily and Seasonal Challenges can be accomplished by playing Kombat League match sets. To complete the Daily Challenge, play 5 League match sets per day to earn a reward of Time Krystals.

Seasonal Challenges consist of various objectives that can be performed over the course of several matches. These challenges can include objectives like connecting Fatal Blows during matches, spilling Pints of Blood during matches, completing Daily Challenges, completing all the other Challenges available during a Season, or a variety of other Challenge objectives. For your efforts, you will be rewarded victory poses, brutalities, gear, cosmetic skins, and other rewards!

Daily Challenge

  • Complete 5 Kombat League Sets a day
    • Reward: 50 Time Krystals

Season Challenges

  • Connect 10 Fatal Blows
    • Reward: Frost – Empty Inside Brutality
  • Connect 25 Uppercuts
    • Reward: Geras – Medieval Bone Breaker gear
  • Completed 10 Ranked Daily Challenges
    • Reward: Erron Black – Lights Out Brutality
  • Completed 15 Kombat League Sets
    • Reward: D’Vorah – Carnivorous Cloud gear
  • Spill 10,000 Pints of blood
    • Reward: Jade – Bad Trip Brutality
  • Completed all Season Challenges
    • Reward: Scorpion – Cover of Darkness skin

Seasonal Rank Rewards

Seasonal Rank Rewards are rank based rewards where you can earn Koins, Souls, Hearts, Time Krystals, gear, cosmetic skins, and other rewards as you progress through Apprentice all the way up to Elder God. There are several skins you can unlock each season upon reaching the required minimum Rank (i.e. Demi God for Liu Kang’s Shaolin Shade skin in the Season of Shadows). Additionally, by participating in Kombat League, you will earn a Kombat Kard icon and background themed around the current season. The rewards you receive at the end of a season are based on the highest rank you achieved at any point during the season, so don’t worry if you ever rank down!


Kombat League Set Overview

Once you have queued for a match and found an opponent, you will be able to see each other’s win/loss record, win odds, connection type, ping, and potential points you will gain or lose depending on the results of the set.


Between each match of a set, the losing playing can rematch using the same character, select a new fighter, or choose to forfeit. During this time, both players can also view the Kombat Breakdown, which lets you see the percentages of the damage dealt from each attack type and informs you on how you might want to approach your next match.


After a player has reached two wins, the set ends and points are awarded to the winner and subtracted from the loser.

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