Mortal Kombat Violent

Mortal Kombat Violent? So violent that it was considered abusive to let children play them? VideoGameDunkey remembers…

A comical look back at ridiculous early Mortal Kombat Violent Titles and the even more ridiculous reactions to them

Many of us in the fighting game community who grew up in the 1990’s are likely still dealing with the long term effects of seeing the gruesome blood, gore, and violence that was featured in the earliest Mortal Kombat Violent games. The franchise was extremely controversial 30 years ago when the video game space was only starting to be explored.

Parents and politicians worried about psychological influences on child minds waged something of a war on titles like Mortal Kombat 1 and Mortal Kombat 2, and the ESRB rating system was developed as a result. Given where we are now, it’s quite comical to look back at both how we reacted to early MK as well as how incredibly tame these games actually were judging by today’s standards. Video Game Dunkey goes in on both in one of his recent videos.

Some people just have the ability to see and effectively point out the comedy in things, and the more we see of Dunkey, the more we realize he’s one of those people. The content creator has been on something of a Mortal Kombat kick in recent times, and we even shared his hilarious Mortal Kombat 4 cut scene commentary.

Mortal Kombat violent

Dunkey mocks both the simple and relatively goofy nature of early Mortal Kombat Violent while also shining a less than flattering light on the politicians that so vehemently opposed it. While there’s plenty of tongue in cheek tomfoolery in his video, it’s laced so well with truth that we can’t help but give it our full attention (laughing all the while).

He first sets the stage by pointing out how the culture of the 1990s definitely took a turn for the more raw as plenty of marketing (especially that aimed at young boys) went in a much edgier direction. He eventually goes from this broad and sweeping concept to talking about the particulars of how incredibly satisfying landing certain special moves or the franchise’s trademark uppercuts were.

While we wouldn’t feel the need to warn you about the kind of pixelated violence you’ll see in the video below, we do think it’s worth noting that there is some NSFW language used throughout. Check out Dunkey’s take on the first MK titles and let us know if you found it as funny as we did in the comments after.

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Author: John ‘Velociraptor’ Guerrero

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