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Players can level up their individual characters via Ranked play, but they can also do this in one player modes, and character levels don’t seem to drop at all with losses.

League Points are what online warriors are after, as they’re what directly affect your Street Fighter Ranked position. As a Gold player, losing to a Bronze can cost you around 100 LP, which kind of echoes SF4’s system. Defeating a fellow Gold player will award you around 65 LP, making it fairly easy to make those points back up.

The best way to rank up is Street Fighter Ranked . You can also gain higher levels by completing each of the characters Story Mode, and Survival Mode. You will get more exp each difficulty setting. For instance beating Survival mode Easy with Ryu will earn your personal profile EXP but also Ryu. Beating Survival Mode with Ryu in Normal difficulty will net you similarly.

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Reasons to use our Street Fighter 5 Boosting Service
– getting a higher rank to fight better opponents in Battle Lounge and Casual
– getting those hard to get trophies that require online play
– available on PC, and PS4

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