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In Tekken 7, the ranking system requires players to win a certain number of matches before unlocking a promotion match. As the name suggests, a win here will send you into the next rank where you will encounter players that are stronger than the ones you met in your previous rank. You’ll know you’ve found your home when you begin to lose as many matches as you win within a rank.

In Tekken 7, there exists a Rank Bar, which is a visual indicator that tracks a player’s progress as they win and lose ranked matches. It helps to see how far or close you are to your next promotion match, and if you’re afraid of ranking up, you know just when to lose to ensure you don’t rise into the lion’s den. Intentionally losing doesn’t sound like fun, but it could be a strategic way to keep things entertaining for yourself.

Is Tekken 7 Ranked too frustrating for you? Are you stuck against people who can’t think or play wi-fi and lag to win? We can help you achieve the rank you DESERVE!  Let us know if you have any preferred character or preferred outfit that you want our Professional to use on your account.

Reasons to use our Tekken 7 Boosting Service
– getting a higher rank to fight better opponents in Lobby’s and Casual
– getting those hard to get trophies that require online play
– available on PC, PS4, XBOX & Nintendo Switch

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