Sepiroth Tierlist, where do the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier lists sit 1 month after Sephiroth’s release?

Sepiroth Tierlist! As the Final Fantasy games have shown, he seems to have a losing match up against Cloud

Sephiroth was certainly a surprise choice for pretty much everyone as the third DLC character of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Fighters Pass Vol. 2, but that certainly hasn’t stopped him from being a popular and seemingly pretty powerful pick now that Sepiroth Tierlist has been updated

It may feel like just yesterday, but the Final Fantasy 7 villain has now been available to play in Smash for exactly one month now, which gives us all the perfect opportunity to see how players are ranking the fighter early on in the tier lists.

Taking a closer look at the EventHubs community tiers for Smash Ultimate shows that Sephiroth is already off to a good start in the numbers though it’ll probably take some more time to grow beyond where he is at 34th.

While that may not sound too impressive at the moment, the evil icon’s match ups have him winning the majority where he’s listed as being at least slightly ahead of some strong characters like Wario, Rosalina and Ness.

Sepiroth Tierlist

Ironically, Cloud is currently touted as one of Sephiroth’s worst match ups, which I can certainly see considering he can make the baddie try and chase him down. Otherwise if he tries to stay back, Cloud can simply charge Limit without worry on top of his superior mobility.

Unfortunately for the pretty boy with a long sword, however, is that he’s also listed as struggling against most of the strongest characters in the game, and especially Pikachu, Zero Suit Samus and Snake. The same also applies for speedy fighters who can rush him down like Sonic, Fox, Joker and Inkling.

The character who’s actually been trending upwards the most recently is actually Min Min, who is proving herself to be a bit of a problem amongst the Japanese scene, which means she might end up going higher as this year progresses.

Minecraft’s Steve can’t say the same thing, however, as he has been dropping fairly quickly in the ranks where he went from around 50 in November to 64th now. Check out the Sepiroth tierlist

Pikachu has extended their lead as the number one on the tier list above Joker and Peach while Zero Suit Samus seems as though she could break the top five in the near future.

You can check out the current tier list rankings for Smash and compare them to how they were after Minecraft’s Steve’s release along with Sephiroth’s best and worst match ups. Tierlist Eventhubs

Written by: Dakota ‘DarkHorse’ Hills

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