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Rise to ‘Assailant’ in Tekken 8 – Now on Sale! GGBoosting NewGame Sale brings you the boost you need on PC, PS5, XBOX X&S. Overcome those challenging matches and step up your rank. Seize this chance for exclusive rewards and an improved gaming profile. Stay ambitious, continue your gaming journey, and let us power your rise to ‘Assailant’ – for less!


The journey to ‘Assailant’ can be tough with time constraints and formidable opponents. But, our sale makes this journey more accessible and rewarding. With our discounted boosting service, these challenges become achievable goals, letting you enjoy the game’s rewards and the status that comes with the ‘Assailant’ rank.

It’s more than just ranking up; it’s about embracing and mastering Tekken 8. Our sale-boosted service lets you continue playing, improving, and most importantly, enjoying every battle. We aim to keep you inspired and fully engaged, so you can make the most out of every Tekken 8 session.

Grab this opportunity, enjoy your gaming evolution, and let our GGBoosting NewGame Sale assist you in achieving ‘Assailant’ rank. The next chapter of your Tekken 8 adventure is just a sale away!

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