Street Fighter V Winter Update

Street Fighter 5 Winter Update, From Dan to Rose, V-Shifts to a possible guard crush mechanics.

The big day is finally here and Capcom has come through with flying colors to deliver a ton of energizing information about Street Fighter V Winter Update

Today’s Winter Update presentation was packed with enticing sights and sounds as we got to see Dan, Rose, and Eleven in action, the beginnings of a new mechanic that has the potential to truly evolve Street Fighter V Winter Update, and more. Catalyst and I have more than a few thoughts and reactions to all this, and dig right in on this week’s episode.

Before we go any further, though, we’d like to say thanks to everyone for waiting an extra day this week (we normally record and post on Wednesday) as we wanted to talk about Winter Update immediately after getting to view it.

Today’s showcase not only gave us a ton to speculate on and react to, but also proved that Capcom’s fighting game department continues to level up in terms of how in touch they are with their fan base and its expectations. While SF5’s five years have been tumultuous, for sure, we may be entering into the game’s strongest chapters yet.

Street Fighter V Winter Update

Street Fighter 5 Winter Update is coming soon!

There are plenty of jokes too though about running tournaments using only the shapeshifting Eleven, but perhaps the most poignant is NVD|Phenom by giving an update to just how many days ago it was that Necalli received his last personal costume. Spoiler, it’s well over 1,000.

A lot of speculation is floating around now too about which characters’ moves will be hurt the most by V-Shifting like G’s rush punch, Seth’s rapid hits and also their V-Trigger 2 orb may have some better counter options now.

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Written by: John ‘Velociraptor’ Guerrero

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